you're going to hatefollow me
you're racist, ableist, transphobic, homophobic, etc.
you ship abuse/incest/blmatsu/etc.
you ship reimob or any adult with the mp100 kids
you ship the hitachiin twins, twincest, hikakao, etc.
you ship irl ppl (like game grumps, septiplier, joshler, etc.)
you're id/kin with anyone from eddsworld or ship eddsworld characters
(it makes me really uncomfortable)
you're id/kin with any of my kins, think youre me
like or support ddlg/cgl/etc, even if sfw
you support pedophiles/"non-offending pedophiles" or you're a m.a.p.
you think that fiction does not affect reality
you think ouran high school host club (ohshc) is a bad anime/manga
(don't start drama with me about this.)
you like lolicon/shotacon
you like boyfriend to death or killing stalking
you like miss kobayashi's dragon maid (aka the disgusting maid dragon anime)
your name is jax/jaxon/jackson, or danny
(nothing personal, it gives me bad memories and makes me uncomfortable.)
^ okay to follow, but i most likely will not follow back.